• Hunter Gatherer label showcase

    Red Rattler Theatre
    Faversham Street, Marrickville

    April 12, 9pm - late

    Hunter Gatherer are proud to present a special showcase at the Red Rattler on April 12. Adorning the venue with high quality sound and installation art, Hunter Gatherer are bringing all their artists together for the first time. This night marks the end of an important time for live local electronic explorations and points the label towards its future incarnation.

    Purchase tickets here

  • Gardland release Syndrome Syndrome on RVNG Intl

    Following Gardland's debut EP in March, Mark Smith and Alex Murray have captured the bugged-out fractals of their improvised live setup with a full-length album on Brooklyn label, RVNG Intl.

    If linearity in techno/house is the convention, Syndrome Syndrome avoids flat-lining in its spiral formations. Syndrome Syndrome fuses human flaw and buckshot intuition with volatile machine and chance-based compositions. Gardland explore the rugged tropes of wasted, improvised techno while exhibiting a stark emotive core and gleeful disposition for disorder.

    Sydrome Syndrome is available now on LP, CD and digital. Order it here.

  • Hunter Gatherer Sound Summit showcase

    Sound Summit showcase

  • Gareth Psaltis - Voriulk


    Hunter Gatherer are proud to announce Voriulk, the debut EP from Sydney artist GARETH PSALTIS. Psaltis’ work is a high water mark for Hunter Gatherer; its sonic weight and depth of character signals the arrival of a landmark release and an incredibly exciting young artist.

    Whilst Psaltis works within the Hunter Gatherer remit of analogue hardware improvisations and chance based composition, the resulting music resists contextualisation and narrative grounding. Exploring the rugged tropes of wasted outsider techno each track exhibits a stark and alluring emotive core, eliciting timbral intensity and questing pathos in equal measure.

    Available now: Bandcamp | Soundcloud

  • Gardland talk at Ableton Liveschool

    For more info visit the Facebook event.

  • Stunning audio/visual sketches by Nander and Alexandra Berriman

  • Gareth Psaltis

    Gareth Psaltis signs to Hunter Gatherer

    Gareth Psaltis backs up his celebrated foray into the emerging Sydney underground scene with an immense and gripping EP on Hunter Gatherer. Its sonic aesthetic thrives on bleak, shifting atmospheres and vamping, hypnotic rhythms to tread a fine line between subtlety and aggression.

    Gareth Psaltis' EP will be released in August. In the meantime, be sure to check out a frenetic improvisation he performed for the Freeform Collective in June.

  • Vivid Live poster

    Hunter Gatherer showcase at Vivid Live Festival 2013

    Teaming up to support Omar S at the Sydney Opera House, Gardland and Cassius Select will be flying the Hunter Gatherer flag to close the Astral People night. Following Gardland's new LP with New York's RVNG Intl and Lavurn's new Guerre LP, the trio will fuse new and unhinged directions they have independently been exploring.

  • Nander launch

    Nander live launch

    We celebrated the launch of Nander's EP, Steamer / Speech with a live stream from a house party. This performance showcased Nick Anderson's only live Sydney performance before he moved to Berlin. Our friend Asger Jorn covered support duties up first with an incredible hardware jam

  • Hunter Gatherer launch

    Hunter Gatherer launch

    Thanks to those who came out in support of our first Hunter Gatherer event, for the launch of our label and Gardland and Cassius Select's EPs. It was an over capacity crowd and we're so stoked people took the opportunity to experience something that we put so much effort into.

  • Nander Steamer Speech

    Nander - Steamer | Speech


    Hunter Gatherer are proud to announce the debut release from Nander. A double single offering, Steamer/Speech condenses Nick Anderson’s billowing wide-screen sound into a pair of taut tracks. Gaseous, subterranean and cavernous, Steamer/Speech displays a young producer fully formed and in total control of a captivating sonic palette.

    Living in an isolated strip of New South Wales’ northern coast, Anderson has developed a set of unorthodox production techniques born from dogged bedroom experimentation; utilizing acoustic sources such as guitar and vocals as raw materials, Anderson divorces sounds from their origin and makes them speak his own peculiar language.

    Available now: Bandcamp | Soundcloud

  • Nander signs to Hunter Gatherer

    Hunter Gatherer are proud to announce the signing of Nander, a new project from New South Welshman, Nicholas Anderson. Nander takes a different route in his productions, bending guitars and vocals beyond recognition; he conjures submerged clouds of billowing techno from disparate musical sources. His debut two track single on Hunter Gatherer will be release in early May.

  • Cassius Select launch

    Cassius Select live launch

    We celebrated the launch of Cassius Select's debut EP, One, by streaming live from an intimate house party. James Walsh controls the tables for the first 44 mins, before Lavurn performs cuts from One and some near-future explorations he'll be putting out on Hunter Gatherer in the future. Watch the video here or listen to the audio on our Soundcloud.

  • Cassius Select - One

    Cassius Select - One


    Hunter Gatherer is proud to announce the debut release from Cassius Select, One. A new project from the prodigiously talented Lavurn Lee, One sees Lee turning his energies in a fresh, exciting direction. One reflects a new state of mind for the artist previously known as Guerre; informed by ritualistic and savage sonic imagery, the EP exhibits Lee’s new found balance between fervent spontaneity and eclectic sound design. Equally at home on the dancefloor and headphones, the four tracks feature a dizzying montage of colours vying for supremacy; the whole picture threatens to collapse on its own kinetic energy, yet remains taut and tense in the hands of Lee’s signature artistic flair. Mastered by Gardland, One takes techno tropes out of their comfort zone into doggedly individual zones.

    Available now: Bandcamp | Soundcloud

  • Cassius Select

    Cassius Select signs to Hunter Gatherer

    Hunter Gatherer are excited to officially welcome new signee Cassius Select to the fold. A new inspiring project from the prodigiously talented Lavurn Lee, Cassius Select is a doggedly individual affair, indelibly marked by Lee's artistic flair. Expect a spirit of spontaneous musicality and improvised energy; the EP is an exemplar piece of Sydney's building techno community. Hunter Gatherer are proud be dropping the release in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

  • Gardland EP

    Gardland EP


    Recorded in the desert over an intensive ten day period, Gardland’s debut EP refines their elegantly wasted brand of live analog techno in to four dense and individual cuts. Created with a spirit of spontaneity and intuition the EP embraces a battery of warped moods and complex tone colours. Mastered by Dadub at Artefacts Mastering.

    Available now: Bandcamp | Soundcloud

  • Hunter Gatherer is seeking to fill a void in Sydney's music landscape, to build a record label that promotes electronic music that is uncompromising, passionate and human. While the label's sonic palette is indebted to the tropes of techno, Hunter Gatherer does not seek to push certain sounds or genres, but rather an attitude; a focus on fostering organic musical personalities and artistic self-determination.

    While much electronic music seeks to remove traces of human authorship, Hunter Gatherer embraces flaws and idiosyncracies, chance and spontaneity. Sometimes it seems that electronic music places a premium on a sense of perfection and functionality; Hunter Gatherer releases music that exists for its own twisted logic, not what works or what is right.

  • Kangaroo by Gareth Psaltis